Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Item!

The gorgeous new amethyst and freshwater pearl necklace I've recently added to my Etsy shop has been made for quite a while, I just hadn't had the time to photograph and list it with the demands of lab work and getting everything in order to start my PhD program in the fall. This week has been rough for me as well, as I've been in somewhat of a physical, emotional and mental rut. I guess that happens when you get about $1,000 worth of bills in one week, which is going to be painful to pay on my measly graduate student stipend. I've been seriously questioning my financial ability to keep making and selling jewlery, especially since I haven't even broke even with my initial investment to start my Etsy shop. After much thinking, and many tears I've decided to stick with it...I won't be able to post as many new products as I had wanted, but I am hoping the fall and the holiday season will bring me some sales! I'm also doing a craft show in Connecticut in September with my Mom (she does original artwork), which I'm hoping will be a success for both of us!

Well, enough of my sob story. Here's a few photos of my new creation. Enjoy!


  1. Very pretty!

    Prep well for the craft shows, they can really make you! If you get your inventory up enough..have you thought about doing some 'home' shows to help your friends get a look at what you do? I would say I have sold just as much doing 4 home shows as I have on Etsy these past 6 months. Hit the forums on Etsy, promote yourself for free :) Use things like facebook to promote yourself too. I wish you the best, you make lovely things!

  2. Thanks for the advice Jenni! I do like the idea of home shows!

  3. I am glad to find another Capital District jewelry designer from etsy! Your jewelry is lovely, definately worth the effort to continue to make and sell it.
    I agree home shows are a great way to sell jewelry. There is no upfront financial investment. People feel more free to touch and try things on. I have found them to be quite successful. An angle you might try, being on such a large campus, is a home show or party as a fund raiser for a group. The FamiLee Jewels frequently does shows for the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life etc. Instead of promotional items to a hostess we donate 20% of sales to the organization. Good Luck with your jewelry business and with your research. As a registered nurse I appreciate what you are trying to do for back pain!

  4. just seeing what other artists are up to- i know someone who would love some of your things. passing this on