Monday, July 13, 2009

New Necklace + Photography Escapades

I posted a new necklace posted on Etsy yesterday, a very classy, elegant piece made with freshwater pearls and black agate shell beads that I found at this great beadshop, Caravan Beads, in Portland, Maine. Check it out! I love the patterns of the black agate shell, and how each bead is different and has it's own unique markings and coloring. I can easily see this necklace being worn with a gorgeous little black dress. ; )

Finding a location to photograph this piece proved to be quite a challenge, however. All the previous pieces I have made I photographed on the fire escape right outside the window of my apartment. The fire escape was a beautiful, natural rusted color, and provided a perfect backdrop for me to drape my necklaces over, and the shade from the big tree behind my apartment building provided the perfect lighting. However, much to my dismay, my landlord decided it would be a great idea to give the fire escape a fresh new coat of shiny black paint! It had completely lost it's lovely natural color, and I had lost my easy-access photography spot! So this weekend I found myself wandering the streets of downtown Troy with my camera and my jewelry, looking for a prime photography spot. I finally settled on a sidewalk near my apartment that is made of stone, rather than the usual boring concrete. I think the neutral grey of the stone off sets the colors in the piece very well, and texture of the stone keeps things interesting. Needless to say I looked extremely silly sitting on the sidewalk, taking pictures of a necklace. Oh well...anything for a good picture!

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